15 April 2014

Displacement disasters

These are really just for the laughs.  I'm working on a neat project as a character artist right now.  I was working on the displacements of my character's hands . . . well, you can see below what can happen.

This last one, as silly as it looks, has been the closest I've been able to get on this bad boy . . . We'll have to see if we can get any better than that (my magic eight ball says, "maybe")

04 April 2014


Finished rendering the mistress of all evil.  Looking back at it, I should have done-up the background some because there's SO much that I could have done to make it feel more solid and together.  Maybe I'll revisit it, but for now, here she be!

03 April 2014

Lighting Study

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, I went to school with Tyson Murphy, and he started doing these lighting studies recently (Check them out! [1] [2]).  I decided to give it a go, so I started one in my free time.  Needless to say, I still have a long way to go, but I'm started.  Here's to progress.

I think I need to push my shadows a bit more and fix some form issues on her left cheek and eye area, but it's off to a start.  Let me know what you think.

Keep on keepin on!

Staff Meeting

"Staff Meeting"

Last night, I was the official photographer for a staff meeting held at a closing retail store at a nearby mall.  I was wondering if they knew they were being photographed, but I don't think the dummies knew any better.

And there's the "butt" of the joke.  I hope it made you smile.

I shared this on my DdyBlgr and thought I'd share it here, too.  I may have laughed a little too hard when I saw the mannequins and thought someone else may enjoy it as much as I did.

24 March 2014

Quicky Time-lapse

Howdy ya'all!  I wanted to share a time-lapse of a character design I did.  It is based off of a silhouette study that I did in Ryan Woodward's character design class at BYU in 2011.  Fun stuff.  It was funny, so I screen-capped this using QuickTime's screen recording feature, and the footage looked fine, but when I imported the footage into AfterEffects to make the time-lapse, the footage would shrink horizontally.  It took me a few times redoing it to figure out that the document's pixels were not set to square.  It made for a good laugh . . . for myself.  I don't know if anyone else finds it as funny as I do, or if anyone even cares.  I'm done.  Watch my video.

Of course, blogger did some funky things to the whites . . . ugh!


18 March 2014

Sketch update

Sorry it's all instagrammy . . . It's just that it's SO much easier!!  lol  I hope you like them.


15 March 2014

Animated, MAN!!

Yup.  He's animated, man.  Just another head that I did the other day for practice.  I have a couple of trouble spots that I'm working on learning about such as the base of the neck or the neck overall, really. This animation was done entirely using blendshapes.  I love that technology!  I love the fact that I can manipulate the base mesh on a copied version and make it a target for the base to morph into!  SO cool!

Anyway, this is meant as part of the character modeling display on my portfolio site.  I'm hoping to finish a couple of other things on the site's organization and get it working the way I envision it currently.

I'll have to post some sketches later.  I've actually been quite busy with a ton of stuff, but I've been into the sketchbook much more recently.  

Let me know what you think.  Cheers!

05 March 2014

Old Man Render

Here's a render of the guy that I posted earlier.  I ran him through ZRemesher in ZBrush, and that did a pretty sweet job, but he still has a lot of work left until he's completely done.  I'll be using the new topology tools in Maya to do the full set of topology on this guy.  Let me know what you think.

03 March 2014

3D Speed Sculpt

Quick old man caricature.  Done in ZBrush.  Started from a sphere and worked it out to what it is.

Critiques both welcome and encouraged.

24 February 2014


I've been working on her textures during my spare time over the last couple of days.  I'm hoping to get the cloth on the suit looking good either tomorrow or soon there-after.
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