28 January 2015

Apple Boy - GIF Animation

Today’s work was this apple-eating boy. I had to match the style of the animation, so that’s why it’s not in my style of choice ;-) Wish I could have done it my own way. I don’t particularly care for the design etc, but oh well.
This animation will be part of a video about a boy who is bullied and turns the bully into his friend by being nice to him when no one else is.
Animated in Photoshop.

26 January 2015

Grieving - GIF Animation

This is a quickie that I did for work.  It's meant to be sequential, but as images on separate pages in a book, so they're revealed in order.  It's not absolutely perfect, but my wife likes it, so it must be alright ;-)  All work done in Photoshop.
I tried to make him look like he's feeling immense pain and remorse for something he’s done wrong.


24 January 2015

Mama's Apron . . .

"You know things are getting serious when mama takes off her apron . . ."

And just for if you're interested . . . here's my process (more or less).


I start with the raw photo, adjust colors, refine linework, add color and SHA-BAAM!  On most of these from lately, I haven't cared to refine them too much, but I did want to add a bit more life to them.  I want to do a timelapse of the full process one of these days.  Sounds like fun.  Anyhoo . . . in the immortal words of my friend Mel Milton, "Keep on keepin on!"

11 January 2015

Laura Croft

"'The pencil is mightier than the gun'—says this chica right here." —Laura Croft
So, I wanted to try to do an emulation of Brittany Myers' style (love her stuff), and this is what I came up with.  I didn't quite nail it.  I think to some extent she almost looks like Chris Sanders meets Bratz dolls … I'll have to do another sometime.  
This particular drawing is semi in response to the terrorist acts happening in Paris, particularly at the Charlie Hebdo Newspaper.
I disagree with two things: 1) Charlie Hebdo's choice to satirically depict religious figures that major world terrorist groups feel strongly about and in whose name commit horrid crime and 2) Al Qaida's choice to attack someone else because of a nonsense cartoon.
I just want to say that I mourn with those who suffer the loss of loved ones.  It's a truly disgusting thing that happened, and taking their lives was a serious statement on someone else's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I know that some don't care about those things for others, or believe strongly that they're doing the right thing when they're really doing the wrong thing.  On the other hand, I feel wrong supporting wholeheartedly the "Je Suis Charlie" movement.  While freedom of speech for artists and all others is important, we should not use our rights to trample the rights, comfort, privacy or beliefs of others.  Both parties in this tragedy were at fault, however, the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo had committed the lesser offense.
When we don't pay attention to history, we're bound to make the same mistakes someone else has already made.  We can respect others.  We can forgive others' mistakes.  Don't let such simple things deter you from living a meaningful, happy, and full life.
Those are my thoughts.  I hope you see what I'm talking about and enjoy the drawing.

09 January 2015

Big Hero 6

Please note that when you read a review of a film, it may potentially contain some level of spoilers.  Proceed with caution.

I was such a big fan of the movie and Disney did such a good job of making me feel like I was included in their world that I had to do myself as a BH6 character.  This was an enjoyable practice, and I'll likely do this for many of the movies I see.

Big Hero 6 is easily my favorite movie of the year, though I absolutely loved Mr. Peabody and Sherman, too.  My wife and I finally got to go out to see it in the Orem Cinemark on New Year's Day.  Every bit of the film was deliciously awesome!  I've never seen such beautiful lighting and the characters all had such amazing design to them.  I found myself constantly feeling enveloped by everything happening on the screen.

There are very few trailers that I feel do any justice to the film.  Either they're really good and the movie is horrible, or they're done incredibly poorly and the movie is amazing.  Every trailer for BH6 was exciting to me, and didn't quite do perfect justice to the film, it made it very clear that this was an exciting film to see, and not only did the film exceed my expectations and give me a ride the whole 105 minutes, but it surprised me and kept me laughing.

I wish Stan Lee had actually made it into the film.  That would have been excellent.  His character was SO spot on!

I absolutely loved the characters.  The aunt was a hoot, and I loved her personality character complexes (wanting a donut, etc).  GoGo was a fun character to me because she was constantly giving the reality check.  She was a tough personality with a tender heart.  Wasabi killed me!  He was so well thought out.  I thought it was funny that he was such a scaredy cat, you know?  Baymax was fun, especially since he was having to learn things as the film went along.  I kept expecting to see Yama and his crew more in the film later on because of the shlews of concept are that I saw of them.

Funny story, so my first idea as to who the villain was was Hiro's big brother Tadashi.  I thought it was an illusion that he was dead and he was coming back for one reason or another to do . . . something.  Yeah, not a solid theory, and it threw me through a loop when I saw who the villain really was.  Excellent reveal.  I really appreciated seeing Hiro's breakdown and momentary desire for absolute revenge.  I do feel that Hiro wasn't justified in blaming the professor for Tadashi's death because he didn't start the fire with the intent of killing Tadashi.  I see this, however, as a realistic reaction to what happened.  Hiro finds that his hero started the fire that killed his brother when he rushed in to save him.  He created the brother's cause of death, so Hiro's reaction, while not justified, is still natural and realistic.

My single complaint, besides not having been able to work on it (hint-hint), was that Hiro sounded and looked older than he was said to be.  A minor complaint.  It didn't bother me while I was watching the movie in general, but whenever it mentioned his age, it just didn't quite feel right.  Oh well.

Well done, Disney.  I applaud you and your amazing work.

05 January 2015

Big Hero 6 Emulation

Tried my hand at a Disney Emulation this morning.  I always knew I looked like I belonged there ;-)  I loved Big Hero 6 so much that I wanted to design myself as if I fit into their world.  I might go back and re-work it since I only had a small amount of time before starting work today to do it, but I think I’ll likely do more.                                                          
Pure photoshop.  Plan is to take this design into 3D for my demo reel.  I love the Disney style, and would love to push my design-sense in that direction.

To the left I included my initial sketch.  Cheers.

30 December 2014

Space Chick

"I don’t care what they say … the signal does not get stronger the closer you are to the source.”

Just had to draw a person trying to use the internet in space.  They have signal problems up there, too.

This was a sketch in my sketchbook that I colorized in Photoshop CS6.

29 December 2014

Iteration H

Here's the newest iteration.  I'm thinking about giving her an animal, like an owl or a mink.  If you have an animal you think she would look good with, let me know.

Other iterations [HERE].


26 December 2014

Time for Feedback

Okay, so here are a few possible iterations (sorry, nothing on shoes, yet).  There are things that I like about each set, so I may try different combos or even a couple of new ideas.  We'll see.  I'll have to redesign once I get my general direction tacked down so I can try more for the Disney style rather than my own.

I need your help--let me know what combo you like best (either choose A, B, or C or you can say 'I like the hair from A, girl from C with the clothing from B.' etc).  Remember, the idea is to take the final design into 3D.

Thanks for your help!  Cheers!

Here are some iterations I've made with some feedback I've gotten on Facebook:



23 December 2014

Woodland Witch

This will be a fun character because she'll change with the seasons.  I'm going for an either Asian or Inuit and her character is a witch from the woodlands.  I'm hoping to do my concept justice.  Once I finish the concept, I'm on to modeling!  :-D

Cheers, ya'all!
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